Saint Marys College

In accordance with the motto of the College which is “Virtue and Knowledge”, the College stays focused in its commitment to impart to its young women students quality education, competence and skills in various spheres of life, discipline and most importantly to inculcate good humane values to ensure their worthy contributions as builders and promoters of peace, love, justice and unity in the multicultural society of our nation as well as in the international community.


In the words of William Butler Yeats “Education is not filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.” It is our teachers, the torch bearers of the society, who each day does their best to ignite the fire of learning in the young, inquisitive minds that are yearning for knowledge. True to the motto of the college ‘Virtue’ & ‘Knowledge’ our teachers leave no stone unturned to create a congenial environment for learning within the portals of the college.